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Diflucan is anti-fungal antibiotic used against candidiasis of different organs including genital area.

Generic Diflucan 100mg

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100 mg x 180pills NZ$364.30 NZ$2.02 NZ$296.93 Free Airmail Shipping
100 mg x 120pills NZ$269.49 NZ$2.25 NZ$171.34  
100 mg x 90pills NZ$225.82 NZ$2.51 NZ$104.80  
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Generic Diflucan 150mg

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150 mg x 180pills NZ$291.94 NZ$1.62 NZ$324.38 Free Airmail Shipping
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150 mg x 60pills NZ$133.08 NZ$2.22 NZ$72.36  
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150 mg x 20pills NZ$54.90 NZ$2.74 NZ$13.59  

Generic Diflucan 200mg

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200 mg x 180pills NZ$496.55 NZ$2.76 NZ$451.64 Free Airmail Shipping
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Generic Diflucan 50mg

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50 mg x 180pills NZ$187.14 NZ$1.04 NZ$259.50  
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50 mg x 90pills NZ$114.78 NZ$1.28 NZ$108.54  
50 mg x 60pills NZ$85.67 NZ$1.43 NZ$63.21  
50 mg x 30pills NZ$53.23 NZ$1.77 NZ$21.21  
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