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Clomid is a fertility drug, used to stimulate FSH and LH production and hereby the ovaries to produce eggs in ovarian disorders.

Generic Clomid 100mg

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100 mg x 180pills NZ$210.02 NZ$1.17 NZ$192.28  
100 mg x 120pills NZ$155.79 NZ$1.30 NZ$112.41  
100 mg x 90pills NZ$130.16 NZ$1.45 NZ$70.99  
100 mg x 60pills NZ$96.63 NZ$1.61 NZ$37.47  
100 mg x 30pills NZ$53.74 NZ$1.79 NZ$13.31  

Generic Clomid 25mg

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25 mg x 360pills NZ$230.73 NZ$0.64 NZ$207.07  
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25 mg x 90pills NZ$78.39 NZ$0.87 NZ$31.06  
25 mg x 60pills NZ$58.18 NZ$0.97 NZ$14.79  
25 mg x 30pills NZ$36.48 NZ$1.22 NZ$0.00  

Generic Clomid 50mg

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50 mg x 360pills NZ$449.63 NZ$1.25 NZ$414.13 Free Airmail Shipping
50 mg x 180pills NZ$245.52 NZ$1.36 NZ$186.36  
50 mg x 120pills NZ$181.43 NZ$1.51 NZ$106.49  
50 mg x 90pills NZ$149.38 NZ$1.66 NZ$66.56  
50 mg x 60pills NZ$109.45 NZ$1.82 NZ$34.51  
50 mg x 30pills NZ$60.15 NZ$2.00 NZ$11.83  
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